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It’s so cute and it has me saying AWWW to much


I love the cute pictures of animals! They are adorable! Some aren't as good as others, but it's worth downloading this free app.

Crashes! ANGRY

It's sounds cute but it crashes before I can get into the app!


Awwww I think these puppies are REALLY cute!!! I just love dogs!! I mostly like the Dalmatians, chihuahuas and the pugs :) .

Cute dogs

Love this app,way too cute!!!


This app will not open up I am so ANGRY:|

I SO heart DOGZ!

This app ROCKS!!!! I just love all the cute photos to reveal!Oh and the puppies...I WANNA DIP THEM IN MY COFFEE!!!!


I give ALL the pics a A+. Their ALL such good, cute, funny, adorable pics. Keep up the good work and Thank You.

Sooooooo Cute!

I think it is soooooo cute!


Well it is ok


I don't like this game. For an absolute dog liver I don't like it. It's boring and not fun. I have 3 encyclopedias about dogs that are 600 pages and it's more fun. Sorry I don't like it. 

Cute dogs

The best app to see cute little preciooos dogs


Good 4 dog lovers like me!!!:):)


It a good app but they should put more pics

I would give it ZERO

HATE IT DON'T GET THIS APP


The stupid adds are messing me up but the pics are still pretty cute


Soooo cute

Love'en every min. of it!!!!

Omg get this app it is of the hook with cuteness!!!!!!

Loving It

Too Cute!!!


Wow... I love this dang app!!! It's to good to be for free! Bye:). -doggehloverr(;



Awesome so worth it

This is awesome buy it

SOOO cute

I love this app! It is SOOOO cute!!!!!!!!


My 12 year old loves this!


Four is a good rating it's cute but kind of boring

So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this it's so cool I love the puppys AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's cute

Pretty cool, i miss my dog so these dogs are cute

Nice app, i lile the dog pics very cute.. Although if you could add some pics of jack russells and black labs, like really cute pics of those breeds i would very very much appreciate it... =]

Hey look

This is so cute when I started all I said was cute

Cute app!!

this is SUCH a CUTE app!!!!! its really awesome!!


I have said I have seen cute BUT now I really have:)

Cool app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sister likes this and I want an update of it


They are so awesome

Love it

So cute

Needs an update

Well I wish I could save it to my photo album


This the cutess app I ever had of dogs I rove rit


I love this app,the puppies and dogs are so cute!!!!!! It's like you go to a petshop and scratch out a puppy or dog and then buy it. This is a really cool app!!!!!!

Cute pups

I love this app it's better than any app in the iPhone/iPod world


You should get this app and for the people who said the dogs are ugly you stink :(

No Ugly Dog In Sight - well, because there's no such thing!

You people are crazy, saying that there are ugly dogs cuz there's no such thing!! Love this app it's really cute :)!

Excellent app's!!!!!!

This is the nicest app's . . . . my baby really love it!!!!!.....it help to motivate babys to look for what they really want to see and get familiar & learning using new tech......thank u guys!


I love this app!! It is the cutest thing ever! All the dogs are so cute! I have like 100 pix of them. You should so get this app. Please, please, pleeeeaaaasssseeee(!!!!) get it. You'll luv it!! ;)


Thisgamr starts out fun, but after a while it gets really boring. Don't download it. Also when you are rubbing the picture it changes often to a new screen!

great wallpaper app

this app is awesome I love the wallpaper apps from Darmell Studio


I think you people need to make this game little more fun!!!!! Y'all catching my drift if y'all want to sell this for money try harder cuz this ain't working

Good but needs cuter dogs....

Some of the dogs aren't really that cute.......... Maybe u should put pictures of baby doggies.  every one loves baby doggies 


More kinds of dogs plzz!!!!!!!!! Some of the dogs r kind of ugly so make them cuter!! But the update is really great and awesome!!!!!!!! Other than that it is a great app!! U should get this app if u really like dogs!! Other good apps: Cute cows Cute frogs And cute butterflies!! I mean it's free so u should get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't understand this app at all!!! What's up with the pic in the back?? I've read the directions 8 times and I still don't get it!!!

Sooo cute

I it so much the puppys are soooo cutei have got to get this Now 


 in the 

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